Jordy’s makes a payment, but still owes city

A downtown restaurant is taking steps to repay its debts to the city after it received notification last week that it owed more than $21,000 in back rent, utilities, property taxes and late fees.

Jordy McTaggart’s Grill & Pub, located in The Commons at 310 Washington St., has paid $14,830.86 toward its $21,974.30 debt to the city, said Heather Pope, city redevelopment director.

Owners Mark and Richard Wilcox lease the space in The Commons through the Columbus Redevelopment Commission, which acts as the landlord of the building.

After receiving a letter from commission attorney Stan Gamso on June 13 informing them of their delinquencies, the restaurant owners made a payment of $7,673.66 to the city last week, which was applied to the May rent payment, partial April late fees and February, March and partial April utilities, Pope said.

The restaurant made a second payment of $7,157.20 on Monday, which was applied toward June rent, partial April and May late fees and April utilities, Pope said.

The restaurant’s remaining balance owed to the city is $7,143.44.

Gamso told redevelopment commissioners at their Monday meeting that the restaurant had been asked to develop a plan within 10 days to make its final repayments. Gamso said that plan was in the works.

About the lease

Jordy McTaggart’s lease with the Columbus Redevelopment Commission calls for a rent payment of $60,621 a year — or about $5,000 a month — for the first five years, then an increase to $63,377 annually for the second five years.

The restaurant opened in June of 2014 under the ownership of Tim Rohrer and David Baker, who later sold all their interests in the restaurant to Mark and Richard Wilcox.

Jordy’s leases the space from the city through the redevelopment commission, which is in charge of finding tenants to fill all open rental spaces in The Commons. The city Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for collecting payments from Jordy’s and other tenants of The Commons and depositing those payments into the proper accounts.

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