University briefs – June 30

IUPUC receives grant for online chemistry

James Mendez, assistant professor of chemistry and chemistry program coordinator at IUPUC, received a grant from the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning. The grant will be used to enhance the chemistry program’s curriculum by developing an online chemistry course.

The course will be an online version of a non-major introductory chemistry course, Elementary Chemistry. It will also include traditional online course materials such as homework, discussion groups and live chat sessions. Students will receive custom physical model kits that will allow them to configure and view three-dimensional models of atoms, molecules and covered topics.

IUPUC to attend 2016 Next Generation 2.0

Four faculty members from IUPUC have been selected to participate in the IUPUI Next Generation 2.0.

Participants include three faculty members from liberal arts, Anna Carmon, Julie Goodspeed Chadwick and Aimee Zoeller; along with Marsha VanNahmen, Center for Teaching and Learning assistant director.

The goal of the program, spearheaded by IUPUI Chancellor Nasser H. Paydar, is to maintain a diverse pool of faculty talent and help them better lead in the future. It prepares women and underrepresented minority faculty and staff for leadership positions and advancement opportunities within the institution and in higher education.

Participants will take part in a 10-month curriculum that seeks to address the need for more diverse leadership talent at IUPUI, both in mid-level and upper administration as envisioned by the Strategic Plan.