Court news – July 3

Kyle William Nordling, 26, Limestone Lane, and Allison Michelle Kipper, 25, Indianapolis.

Nicholas James Durkin, 24, Boulder Drive, and Jennifer Corin Lowry, 22, Boulder Drive.

Kelsey Nicole Miller, 24, Stonegate Drive, and Brad Allyn Norris, Stonegate Drive.

Daniel Shane Stewart, 25, Lafayette Avenue, and Tasha Nichole Biddinger, 29, Lafayette Avenue.

Stephen Edward Beck, 63, Cleveland Street, and Stacey Jo Ward, 47, Cleveland Street.

James Austin Arthur, 27, Rost Drive, and Kelsey Anna Janowiak, 26, Rost Drive.

Benjamin Taylor Slaton, McClennan Court North, and Mallory Kristin Bryan, 29, McClennann Court North.

Blake Alexander Davis, 22, State Road 9N, and Ashlyn Rose Borik, 18, State Road 9N.

Joshua David Gray, 20, Franklin, and Lindsey Rane Giles, 21, South Wolfcreek Road.

Matthew Thomas Marino, 36, Crescent Way, and Erin Marie Jackson, 36, Sandstone Circle.

Oluwatosin Olusoji Aborisade, 37, Eighth Street, and Rebekah Joy Pacey, 32, Eighth Street.

Delbert Lee McCarty, 52, South Ross Street, and Janita Gail Roberts, 47, South Ross Street.

Benjamin Alexander Casey, 23, Williamsburg Court, and Keonna Renee Durham, 23, Williamsburg Court.

Ryan Joseph Barba, 24, Jackson Street, and Nicole Noel Simon, 23, Victoria Drive.

Kevin Frederick Ojeda Arroyo, 25, Alan Drive, and Yanet Mondragon Hernandez, 43, Alan Drive.

Jayla Brenae Haeseley, 18, Seymour, and Braden Alexander Kissel Frietzsche, 19, West Southwind Court.

Randall Kevin McKinley, 58, Breckenridge Drive, and Darlene Leilani Frazee, 51, Breckenridge Drive.

Mark Edward Schneider, 29, East 25th Street, and Katelyn Maxine Sanders, 27, East 25th Street.

Stacey J. Smith, 44, Lewis Drive, and Jonra L. Wells, 40, Lewis Drive.

Mariah Powers, 27, Andrew Drive, and Robert Thomas Flynn III, 30, Franklin.

Bartholomew Gary Fortner, 31, Lake Stream Drive, and Erica Bewley, 24, Lake Stream Drive.

Brittany Reed, 28, Orchard Creek Drive, and Ernest Wright, 26, Orchard Creek Drive.

Rhonda Jo Schroeder, 53, South Beatty Street, and Stephen Michael Schroeder, 54, South Beatty Street.

Ryan Edward Haddan, 23, East County Road 550S, and Leslie Marie Abel, 22, East County Road 550S.

Ashton Wischmeier,25, California Street, and Maeve Drohan, 25, California Street.

Cindy Dominguez, 21, Lamplight Drive, and Jesus Antonio Muniz, 25, Silkwood Drive.

Jameson Liam Smith, 31, Rocky Ford Road, and Elizabeth Mary Laker, 31, Rocky Ford Road.

Chad Alan Moore, 25, 33rd Street, and Madeleine Claire Hacker, 25, Camby.

Kevin Nathaniel Moats, 19, Bittersweet Boulevard, and Erin Ashley Tharp, 19, Bittersweet Boulevard.

Vibert Dillion Coomer, 24, Tellman Road, and Shyanna S.M. Keel, 23, Tellman Road.

Nathan Michael Hagerty, 22, 28th Street, and Krista Kay Howard, 21, 28th Street.

Jerrilee Dawn Atkins, 30, Elizabethtown, and Ulises Romero, 40, Indiana Avenue.

Bartholomew Charles Brown, 27, Jackson Street, and Amy Michelle Lohrman, 26, Jackson Street.

Keith Allen Prior, 37, Sycamore Street, and Yuko Yamato, 37, West Deaver Road.

John Adam Kolb, 32, Chicago, and Laura K. Moore, Chicago.

Peter Benjamin Browder-Bohall, 22, Lafayette Avenue, and Mackenzie Elise Ahlbrand, 23, Jordan Drive.

Jacob Nathaniel Rodick, 33, East Drive, and Karen Giselle Via Y Rada Cespedes, 34, Eastgate Drive.

Dereck Thor Cain, 26, Hughes Street, and Kate Michelle Neal, 28, Edinburgh.

Michael Lynn Estes, 43, East Broadmore Drive, and Jennifer Lynn Minor, 52, East Broadmore Drive.

Olivia Lauren Campbell, 20, South County Road 130W, and Jared Ray Sweet, 21, South County Road 130W.

Amanda Nichole Dugan, 26, Griffa Avenue, and Matthew Alan Imel, 28, Griffa Avenue.

Kathryn Lucinda Major, 27, Seattle, and Brian Matthew Bauman, 27, Seattle.

Clayton Ray Nolting, 31, German Drive, and Brelyn Marie Critzer, 28, German Drive.

Cristian Constantin Cucuruz, 38, Jonathan Pike, and Camelia Veronica Mitruta, 29, Jonathan Pike.

Hannah Lynn Gorbett, 26, Patterson Road, and Marcus Lynn Artis, 31, Hope.

Donald Edward Lancaster, 51, East County Road 600N, and Jennifer Dianne Kelley, 61, East County Road 600N.

Raynner Alberto Ortega Escobar, 30, Shadow Bend Drive, and Flora Franco Huerta, 35, Shadow Band Drive.

Rigoberto Laiz Valencia, 34, McKinley Avenue, and Elizabeth Diaz Valencia, 31, McKinley Avenue.

Scott Michael Stibrich, 31, Anchorage, Alaska, and Ashley Lynn Vanosdol, 30, Anchorage, Alaska.

Kenith Stone, 48, Plum Drive, and Laura Leydet Foreman, 47, Mountain Home, Idaho.

Timothy Daniel Simpson, 45, Hutchins Avenue, and Leah Marie Vogel, 36, Hutchins Avenue.

Richard Savage Sparks 33, Sycamore Street, and Kalea Janai Raynor, 33, Greenwood.

Allison Marie Young, 29, Mount Olive, North Carolina, and Eric Franklin Crouch, 29, Dawnshire Drive.

Douglas Gene Finney, 70, Tanbark Drive, and Teresa Jane Torphy, 70, Bedford.

Charles Leroy Elkins Jr. 23, Rosedale Drive, and Brittany Lou Wilson, 24, Rosedale Drive.

Adam Joseph Nordhoff, 29, Hope, and Keysha Marie Hamner, 38, Hope.

Christine Marie Gustafson, 29, Woodfield Place, and Adam Livingston Krueger, 29, Battle Ground.

Patrick Wayne Frensemeier, 23, Gilmore Street, and Jamie Kay Welch, 25, Gilmore Street.

Lisa Kay Fields, 27, Hope, and Bailey Anna England, 23, Hope.

Jonathan Quint Shockley, 24, U.S. 31N, and Hannah Joy Kline, 22, U.S. 31 North.

Jennifer J. Stevenson, 40, Ohio Avenue, and Douglas M. Richards, 29, Ohio Avenue.

Sandra Dee Brinker, 42, Edinburgh, and Ronald lee Potts, 48, Edinburgh.

Scott Matthew Myers, 36, Bloomington, and Rachael Anne Spadone, 41, Ravenswood Drive.

Ray Austin Kessinger, 18, North Vernon, and Jenna Sue Witten, 19, Sims Court.

Julia Harkebusch, 28, McClure Road, and Nicholas Allen Ringwald, 25, McClure Road.

Gregory Lewis Stephenson, 40, Harrison Drive, and Danielle Louise Law, 34, Harrison Drive.

Caleb Blackerby, 25, Willow Lane, and Meredith Ann Morrow, 23, Willow Lane.

Eric Duane Neal, 46, Westport, and Robin Marie Boles, 40, Hope.

Michael Lee Jones, 63, Hope, and Crystal Sue Moore, 46, Hope.

Blake Aaron Schnelle, 24, Devonshire Road, and Haley Elizabeth Sweeten, 24, Devonshire Road.

Carrie Lynn Starkey, 36, Villa Drive, and Brad Daniel Alesandro, 34, Villa Drive.

Bradley Ryan Hashman, 24, Ohio Avenue, and Dulce Maria Yanez-Peza, 24, Ohio Avenue.

Benjamin Edward Eder, 38, North Vernon, and Amber Danielle Shane, 23, Newton Street.

Cassie Lynne West, 26, Kevin Drive, and Jareth Daniel Miller, 28, Kevin Drive.

Sean Allen Matney, 21, McKinley Avenue, and Brittany Nicole Burton, 18, Maple Street.

Jason Dillon Bord, 31, Westenedge Drive, and Emily E. Browder-Bohall, 27, Lafayette Avenue.

Marjorie Briquet, 31, Bunting Lane, Franck Domenget, 38, Bunting Lane.

Anna Hornback, 17, Franklin Street, and Benjamin Croucher, 20, Franklin Street.

Beom Chul Kwon, 33, Boulder Drive, and Jiajing Li, 26, Boulder Drive.

Jorge Alberto Toledo Ruiz, 24, Rosewood Lane, and Maritza Galinda, 32, Rosewood Lane.

Chris Albert Whedon, 46, McClure Road, and Brenda Ann Riley, 49, McClure Road.

Jamie Michele Cook, 40, North Sheffield Court, and Alan Robert Mayes, 33, North Sheffield Court.

William Lee Morris Swope, 26, Edinburgh, and Jennifer Marie Clouse, 22, Hope.

Daniel Austin Sizemore, 21, Goldfinch Road, and Mikayla Ashley Barnett, 23, Moore’s Vineyard.

Yulan Guo, 33, Blackhawk Drive, and Haihong Li, 35, Blackhawk Drive.

Ira Christopher Thayer, 44, State Road 46W, and Amy Lynn Harrell, 49, Washington Street.

Stephen Lee Edmonds, 41, West Highland Lane, and Amber Dawn Henson, 32, West Highland Lane.

Reid Caleb Proksch, 20, Smoketree Drive, and Alexis Ericksen, 19, South County Road 550W.

Shawn Kenneth Miller, 38, Jonesville Road, and Amie Sue Chapman, 29, South County Road 150W.

Brenton Wayne Pennington, 44, Hope, and Loraine Mae Stroup, 39, Hope.

Eric Michael Schue, 31, Bluebell Court East, and Ashtin Janel Buchanan, 28, Bluebell Court East.