Around Town – July 8

Orchids to …

• those for setting off fireworks for only a couple hours for the first time in years, making things calmer.

• Dr. Dale Guse for being an excellent, caring doctor.

• Dr. Jack Scherer for his excellent medical care during my last office visit, from a patient.

• Christina at Verizon for being so kind and taking time to teach an elderly lady how to use her new phone.

• Doug and Becky Bell, and Polly Verbanic for lovingly helping Bonnie back to health and a good life.

Onions to …

• people who complain about everything.

• those who aren’t thinking of the unintended consequences of allowing chickens inside the city because people will find ways to abuse and circumvent the law if passed.

• all people who drive under the speed limit because speed limits are there for a purpose.

• people who can’t understand the only chicken that needs to be in the city of Columbus is fried.

• the place where the butter dispensers were not working and employees were very rude about giving a refund.

• those for setting off firecrackers late and after July 4 in Lowell Addition.

• The Republic for seeing the same person’s picture in the paper all the time and being sick of it.

• landlords who want to rent their apartments for an arm and a leg when there are still poor people in this town who can’t afford it.

• law enforcement for not getting their facts straight about when cutoff times are for setting off fireworks and to people who are still setting them off after the holiday at late hours.

• those responsible for charging the $5 parking fee at the fair when nearby fairs have free parking.

• The Republic for the increase in the price of the paper and having to read about the same person every day and now the ridiculous thing about chickens.

• people who want to put chickens in the city limits in their neighborhoods but don’t realize they attract rats and other rodents.

• city officials who want to spend my tax dollars dealing with chickens when we have so much more going on in the city that needs attention.

• the nonprofit organization that schedules you 12 hours which usually ends up being 14, then by the end of the week sends you home because you’re on overtime.

• the neighbor who let their dog do its business in my front yard where my grandchildren unknowingly put their blanket for parade watching, as we wish you had a chicken instead of a dog.

• people who use pesticides that kill honeybees, butterflies, birds and rabbits.

Happy Birthday to …

• Branson Layne Hollman from Sharon Smith.

• Lois Johnson and Joyce Gillaspy, from Steve and Char.

• Carin Newman from your family, Rita and Donna.

• Dina Martin from your family, co-workers and Donna.