Court news – July 9

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court files.

Small claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Ashley Combs, Hope, $1,264.71; Aliceyn Cooney, Hiker Trace, $3,375.35; Krystal Gillespie, Elizabethtown, $3,075.80; Rebecca S. Lunsford, Kelli Drive, $2,117.60; Patrick S. Maddox, Maize Drive, $1,583.14; Jennifer Davisson, Scottsburg, $1,972.97; Jimmie D. Hair, Williamsburg Court, $5,677.62.Ronnie Cornett, Hope, vs. Linda C. Cornett, Hueysville, Kentucky, Kaye Caudill, Viper, Kentucky, and Debbie Hoover, Randall Court, $2,854.78.

Equity Property Management vs. Tanner Voyles, Grand Avenue, $864.32.

Candlelight Village vs. Jessi Wood, Longshore Drive, $1,243 and eviction.

Candlelight Village and JC Candlelight Home vs. Martin and Kristina Barnett and Josh Harrell, Rosewood Lane, $808, $597.50 and eviction.

John Taulman, Sawin Drive, vs. Rick Turnmire, 12th Street, $641 and eviction.

Carver Toyota of Columbus vs. Christopher L. Traylor, 31st Street, $2,504.20.

Grayson Management vs. Travis and Jennifer Wells and Dillon and Jessica Tunny, Vine Street, $263.23.

Quality Machine and Tool Works vs. Nicholas James, Glendale Drive, $2,687.50.

George R. Clarkson, Berkshire Place North, vs. Joseph Jewell and Janice Hughes, Hope, complaint for damages and eviction.

Coriden Glover LLC vs. Erin Kathleen McGuire, Central Avenue, $1,023.

Elkland Hills Estate, North Huffer Road, vs. Chris and Angela Norvell, East County Road 265N, $745 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Ronald W. Dake, Fremont Drive, $2,956.13; Jason Hill, Weid Court, $1,555.29; Amanda Hoover, Sims Court, $2,083.29; James D. Kincheloe, Sycamore Street, $2,231.56; Melissa Lambert, Maple Street, $1,243.19; Lauren N. Morris, Walnut Street, $3,089.03; Ancil C. Smith Jr., Hope, $1,916.02; Miguel Virueta, Hartford Avenue, $3,366; Robert Bethke, Madison, $5,604.78; Lorraine D. Boutwell, Fieldstone Drive, $1,417.07; Stacey Cooley, Shelbyville, $1,786.68; Chasity L. Adams, Lombardy Court, $3,131.25; Laura S. Bennitt, Smith Street, $1,267.68.

Allied Collection Service vs. Derek Eaglin, Madison $1,406.32; Jessica A. Elifritz, Deer Court, $5,434.11; Teresa M. Evener, Vance Street, $2,078.54; Renee A. Hill, Stone Court, $1,960.84; Sarah K. Hodapp, West Georgetown Road, $4,170.12; Roberta E. Hunter, Austin, $1,800.27; Zachariah Johnson, Hope, $2,108.65; James Jolley, Heritage Road, $4,640.93; Eric J. Keaton, Kimberly Court, $4,903.63; Terry L. Matthews, Lockerbie Drive, $2,313.30; Terri E. McLean, Hawcreek Avenue, $4,902.82; Julie Midgley, Dillsboro, $1,562.49; Charles J. Morgan, Austin, $3,358.16.

Dale and Cindy Doup, 25th Street, vs. Daniel Burton, Pearl Street, $1,200 and eviction; Christine a Carson, Indianapolis, $1,500; Mateo Rincon, Erin Drive, $4,880; Ashley Cobb and Brandon Fields, North Gladstone Avenue, $1,338.

Allied Collection Service vs. Robert L. Boden, Franklin Street, $3,061.27; Patricia R. Boston, Hope, $2,440.30; Brittany D. Chaney, South County Road 150W, $5,065.96; Harold E. Davis, Elizabethtown, $2,394.71.

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Cynthia Ann Richardson, Seymour, vs. Timothy J. Richardson, Hope, married Aug. 9, 2008, separated Oct. 4, 2015, one child.Tara Board, Sycamore Drive, vs. Clint Board, North County Road 500W, married Feb. 18, 1996, separated Sept. 1, 2015, two children.

Jeremy A. Stidam, Bartholomew County, vs. Jessica Gottman, Bartholomew County, married June 11, 2014, separated June 13, 2016, one child.

Crystal Elaine Franke, Daugherty Street, vs. Bradley Wayne Franke, Columbus, married Oct. 29, 2004, separated June 14, 2016.

Michael Madden, Scipio, vs. Sheila Madden, Cleveland Street, married Feb. 28, 2009, separated April 15, 2014, two children.

Monica Evelyn Ward, North County Road 150W, vs. Jerry Dale Ward, Wexford Court, married June 24, 2000, separated June 2012, one child.

John W. Nichols, Bellsville Pike, vs. Krystal Blewett Nichols, South County Road 350E, married Jan. 9, 2016, separated May 31, 2016.