Letter: Guns aren’t to blame for attacks on police

From: Sally Van Dyk


I watched in horror Friday morning as the Dallas police chief described the events of Thursday night that led to the deaths of five police officers and injuries to nine others.

During his speech, he said officers across the nation are feeling abandoned and attacked by the public, city officials and, most importantly, the nation’s president. Our president places the blame for the shootings on gun possession. If people want guns, they will find ways to get them, here or somewhere outside the country. Guns do the damage, but those who use those guns to kill innocent people have hatred in their hearts that would not be changed by laws that would leave millions of people defenseless if placed in positions where defense might be needed.

I, for one, wish to tell police officers that I back them in all they do to protect and defend the citizens of this country. I think those who want to be police officers, daily placing themselves in harms way and being fully aware how dangerous and thankless their jobs can be, are truly a rare breed. I know a few police officers personally, and I applaud and thank them and all the police officers out there, and pray that no others lose their lives doing the job and showing the heroism that have protected and saved so many.