Efforts to step up promotion of marathon are paying off

Adjusting strategies is a common part of business, and important especially if a better outcome is desired.

So far, changes in marketing strategy made by Mill Race Marathon organizers are paying dividends as enrollment for the marathon, half-marathon and 5K races is up a total of 20 percent this year, and on pace to possibly top the record number of finishers (4,112) from the inaugural race in 2013. Factor in the Kids Fun Run and registration is up 27 percent.

Organizers have increased their use of social media to raise awareness of the Mill Race Marathon and drive interest.

For example, photos from weekly Saturday training runs have been posted on the race’s Facebook page, which has in turn increased online traffic to the page. Also, organizers have been purchasing Facebook ads to publicize the race to a wider audience.

Another positive move was taking a previous change a step further. Last year organizers established a presence at several marathons in the region, which helped them publicize the Mill Race Marathon.

This year at those events, they offered on-site registration for the marathon — helping them get runners to commit when the idea is fresh in their minds.

The marketing changes and resulting increase in registrations reflects sound thought and good efforts by marathon organizers.

The complete results of their efforts will be apparent Sept. 24, but the foundation for a successful race day and greater participation is firmly in place.