Around Town – July 15

Orchids to …

• Jennifer, a nurse at Columbus Regional Hospital, because I know angels walk among us, from Monica Smith.

• Marilyn Piercefield for mowing the hill behind our house, from Bob and Judy.

• Michelle, a sales clerk at JCPenney, who was so happy to help me order shoes when I rushed into the store very late Sunday to place the online order before the sale ended, from Elsieann Marshall.

• White River Running Co. for being so kind and generous Monday night, from Sidekicks Running Group.

• April Retz for all you do for me, from Grandma.

• Freddie and the associate at Lowe’s for great customer service, from the tiller purchasers.

• Gator and his team at U.S. 31 Auto in Edinburgh for their mechanical genius, great customer service and fair prices that keep building a great reputation, from Dave M.

• Annie at Fisher’s Flower Basket for her prompt service and act of kindness, from Donna.

• Jess for all he does for residents of Four Seasons Retirement Center.

• Madelyn, Albany and Colton Speer for their champion and grand champion items at the 4-H Fair.

Onions to …

• county fair event judges for a blatant disregard of rules.

• the baseball umpire for his bipolar attitude toward coaches and fans and the director who made the team forfeit the game.

• The Republic for shading articles of great importance, making it almost impossible for me to read without a spotlight on the paper.

• local law enforcement officials who don’t enforce local laws and ordinances effectively.

• employees for not parking in their parking garage, causing a parking problem for non-employees visiting downtown.

• folks playing Pokemon Go loudly in a local cemetery, interrupting those paying respects to loved ones who have passed.

• those who don’t realize it is good for the public perception of Columbus for the current administration to make public statements and not private, closed-door phone calls.

• those who complain about chickens, because which is worse: your neighbors having chickens or pit bulls or other vicious dogs?

• the company that continues to grow but can’t provide air conditioning for its employees where it’s needed.

• the city for not having traffic control on Third Street through downtown and on out State Road 11 during fair week.

• the librarian who was rude to a disabled person.

• pet owners who take their animals to the fair, which is illegal.

• those for not providing shuttle service to the fair.

• the church that expects one person, who isn’t even on the payroll, to do all the work.

• The Republic for filling the paper with many large pictures instead of news.

Happy Birthday to …

• Marilyn Hinton, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Jamie Todd, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Joyce Meier, from Maxine.

• Kaylee Rea from Grandma Jean.

• Saundra Jean Hall from Elsie.

• Larry Schultes from Shirley.

Belated Wishes to …

• Isabel Zeller

Happy Anniversary to …

• Kimberly Thompson, from Brian.