Act of kindness for law enforcement

Anonymous donor buys lunch for Columbus police officers
Anonymous donor buys lunch for Columbus police officers

A Columbus resident celebrating a birthday treated Columbus Police officers to lunch to thank them for their service.

The note to the randomly selected officers starts out, “you don’t know me, but today is my birthday, and I would like to buy you lunch.”

In the Monday letter addressed to a Columbus officer released on social media, the woman says the idea started when her grandmother would insist on sending $50 in birthday money, despite the fact the anonymous individual is in her 30s.

“I would tell her that I wasn’t going to spend it on myself, and would then buy lunch for firefighters, EMTs or police officers. (You would be surprised how difficult it is to do that quietly and without them knowing,” the letter states.

The grandmother died in January and in honor of her, the woman bought lunch for five officers on July 18 using gift cards.

“This world is surely missing some of its sparkle,” the woman said of her grandmother’s death. “Today is my shot at bringing some of that back.”

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