Around Town – July 20

Orchids to …

• the couple on the Harley who paid the lunch tab at Jonesville for the Bartholomew County Veterans Honor Guard following Monday’s funeral.

• the kind woman who picked up my daughter’s balloon after she accidentally threw it out the car window at McDonald’s on National Road.

• all the folks who donated cleaning items, bottled water, hygiene kit items and school supplies for the flood victims in West Virginia.

• volunteers from Community Church of Columbus who gave of their time sorting and packing clothes last week at Orphan Grain Train.

• the Speer family of Rockcreek Township for an awesome meal Friday at the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair.

• The Republic for an awesome booth at the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair.

• Mark Webber and The Republic for an awesome job covering the great 2016 Bartholomew County 4-H Fair.

• Orion at the communications center at the east side Walmart, from a disabled person.

• folks who have their headlights on in the fog making them visible and safer.

• all the people who made my birthday weekend so special, from Sue Romine.

• our officers for their service.

• Brenda and Bobby Mullins for sharing your fresh vegetables with Tammy.

• Dave, the city engineer, who did a wonderful, good deed.

Onions to …

• the mother who left her two small children strapped into car seats in a car as she went into the small town grocery store.

• the person who jaywalked near the golf course and, when I honked, flipped me off.

• anyone thinking a sign will keep people from playing in a cemetery, much like a sign will keep criminals from bringing a gun inside a building.

• the radio station that airs a program where the host claims to be Jesus Christ.

• drivers with no headlights on in the fog making it hard to see them and causing unsafe driving conditions.

• the people who ran the stop sign at Bonnell Road and 25th Street on Sunday morning.

• people who get a glass of water at restaurants and fill it up with soda or tea.

• the city for not having a speed limit sign on Midway Street from 17th to 24th streets.

• the city for a lack of a turn arrow on Central Avenue and Eighth Street.

• the disc jockey on the local radio station who was pushy about who he was going to vote for and why on Monday morning.

Happy Birthday to …

• Abbi Rooks, on No. 18, from all your family.

• Noah Ross.

• Jessica Miller.

• Logan James West.

• Marquita Tuck, from Barb and Gordon, all your family and friends and your co-workers at the Legends Beauty Shop.

• Bryce Loweth, from family and friends.

• Abbi-Daile on No. 18, love your mom and all your family and friends.

• Helen Jackson, from Peggy.

• Happy Belated Birthday to…

• Joyce Willis, from Kari and family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Marilyn and Carroll Foist, from family and friends.