Runner’s diary: Luke Inman

August is quickly approaching and I am behind on my training. Twenty-four hours in a day does not seem like enough. I could always use a few extra hours at the end of my nights to get my daily and weekly goals accomplished. As a result of being behind in my training, I must be cautious not to over train and continue to take runs one day at a time.

The nerves are already settling in for Mill Race Marathon. I tend to put myself under a lot of pressure when I feel like I am slacking off. This helps to keep me motivated as a result.

When I was discussing my training problems with another running friend of mine, he gave me helpful advice: “Embrace the journey Luke. The other details do not matter so much.”

Small advice such as this keeps my goals in perspective. Years from now I will not look back and remember the small details, but I will remember the journey.

I have been struggling with the heat and humidity that Indiana brings every July and August. I have never been a treadmill runner, however, recently that’s where I have been doing most of my successful runs. Treadmills offer a lot of positives.

Instead of trying to run outside and survive through the heat and humidity, the treadmill is a nice replacement. Being able to control my speed and incline by the press of a button is a nice luxury to have in front of me. Mostly, I enjoy the option of selecting which percent I want my incline to be at. Running at a steady incline improves running form and builds muscle in the your legs.

Another area I have been striving to improve in is my diet. Junk food and sweets are my downfall. Lately, I have replaced the unhealthy snacks with fruits and vegetables, along with healthier lunches and dinners. Healthy eating habits not only improve my running, but it makes me feel better overall.

Sept. 24 is less than two months away, and I will be hitting some of my longest runs yet. I plan to do a couple 22-milers by the end of the month and tidy up my training plan. Completing a couple of longs runs will be a huge confidence booster for myself.

The last three Mill Race Marathons I have participated in, I have trained to the best of my ability. This year has been different. My consistency has been poor.

Motivation has not always been there. I have doubted my abilities at times. It has been a learning process for me this summer. One thing I am certain of however, come race day, I will be smiling and ready to enjoy the journey.

Luke Inman finished fourth in the men’s division of the Mill Race Marathon last year. He will be writing a biweekly diary from the perspective of an experienced runner.