People in the community who need emergency and transition housing can get help securing a roof over their head starting Aug. 29 at a new shelter in Columbus. Brighter Days Housing, 421 S. Mapleton St., is designed to lodge up to 36 people.

For those who are having trouble finding a place to live, this new facility represents a tremendous helping hand.

The reality, though, is that anyone who receives housing from Brighter Days actually will have received assistance from hundreds of helping hands. Scores of groups, individuals and local businesses have volunteered their services to make the project a reality.

That’s remarkable. And it speaks well of local residents and the idea that Brighter Days is a vital addition to the community and meets an important need.

Consider that Mission Columbus, a group from Columbus’ Asbury United Methodist Church that has overseen volunteer efforts, has spent twice as much time on this project — eight months — as it did coordinating recovery efforts after the June 2008 flood that struck the city and county.

The willingness of local businesses and handymen to volunteer their services for free or at reduced rates also has been a tremendous help in keeping costs below the $300,000 to $350,000 budget for renovations of the former Columbus Township fire department maintenance building.

When it comes to ways residents and businesses have collectively pitched in to benefit the community — and there have been many examples over the years — Brighter Days Housing should stand out as one of the great examples.