Court news – August 14

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small claims filed

Williamsburg Way Apartments vs. Audra Crossland, Williamsburg Court, $1,459.91 and eviction; Stacy Gummer, Williamsburg Court, $2,250 and eviction; Heather D. Gray, Williamsburg Court, $1,400 and eviction; Bloomfield Apartments vs. Justin Spears, North Marr Road, $1,450 and eviction.Springleaf Financial Services of Indiana vs. Matt D. Jordan, Hartsville, $1,705.48.

Cambridge Square Apartments vs. Audrey Tungate, Cambridge Court, complaint for damages and eviction.

Lincoln Village Cooperative vs. Kirsten Williams, South Lincoln Village Drive, $1,744 and eviction.

Joli Rentals, Base Road, vs. Debra Patton, Pennsylvania Street, complaint for undetermined damages and eviction.

Midwest Computer Solutions Inc., State Street, vs. Lisa Myers, no address available, $102.50.

Bobbie Fellerman, 25th Street, vs. Brad and Crystal Franke, doing business as Waves Tail Twisters Dog Spaw, Central Avenue, $2,720.

Allied Collection Service vs. Jacquelyn K. Allen, Oak Street, $3,762.74; Stephanie D. Bailey, East 25th Street, $2,115.39; William E. Cornelius, South Wolfcreek Road, $2,971.30; Jamie Doss, Deaver Road, $5,708.47; Angela LeBrun, Eighth Street, $1,178.36; Amy Jo Smith, Central Avenue, $1,343.30.

Steinhurst Manor vs. Olivia Hamsley and Brittanny Baker, Salzburg Boulevard, damages and eviction; Bert A. Affolder Jr., East Brunswick Drive, damages and eviction.

Prem Narsinghani, Northern Goshawk Drive, vs. Kyle Fouts and Logan Harris, Central Avenue, $2,050 and eviction.

Bar-Cons Federal Credit Union vs. Robert Leffler, Hope, $712.74.

Wexford of Taylorsville Apartments vs. Elizabeth Phillips-Stakelbeck, Wexford Court, $1,304 and eviction.

Donald E. Hinds, North Hickory Hills Drive, vs. Michael A. Click and Tiffany S. Brogan, California Street, $920 and eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Erica Branum, Reed Street, $1,390 and eviction.

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Jackie Lee Ann Flach, Jolinda Drive, vs. Jay Edward Flach, Jolinda Drive, married June 15, 2013, separated March 1, 2016. Chrystal Elizabeth Collins, Wehmeier Street, vs. Shawn Michael Collins, Wehmeier, Street, married Dec. 16, 2011, separated June 30, 2016.Melanie J. Hernandez, Bartholomew County, vs. Ernesto A. Hernandez, Wehmeier Street, married Jan. 15, 2005, no separation date available, four children.

Adam Trent Lynn, Bartholomew County, vs. Amanda Lynn Lynn, Payton, Colorado, married July 20, 2002, separated March 25, 2016, two children.

Travis W. Wells, Bartholomew County, vs. Jennifer L. Wells, Bartholomew County, married Oct. 27, 1990, separated May 26, 2016.

Ashley R. Edwards, Camden Drive, vs. Donald W. Edwards, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, married Oct. 9, 2010, separated Oct. 2, 2013, one child.

Clifford Duane Roberts, Bernice Street, vs. Brandi Nicole Roberts, Greensburg, married Aug. 20, 2008, separated March 12, 2016, one child.

Abygaile J. Daniels, Fairview Drive, vs. Jeffrey M. Daniels, Weid Court, married Nov. 15, 2008, no separation date available.

Daniel Alejandro Castro, North Marr Road, vs. Hannah Sheeba Singh, Rolling Hill Court, married March 15, 2008, separated Sept. 1, 2015, two children.

Dustin Elijah Broughton, Columbus, vs. Teareny Renea Broughton, Seymour, no marriage date available, separated May 30, 2014, four children.

Robert D. Sharpe, Turtle Bay, vs. Amanda A. Sharpe, Turtle Bay, married Jan. 8, 2000, separated July 26, 2016, three children.

Donita Clemmons, Hope, vs. Mark Clemmons, Grand Tower, Illinois, married June 30, 1979, separated Jan. 1, 2013, three children.

John Roger Hayes, Central Avenue, vs. Erin Kathleen Hayes, Bartholomew County, married Jan. 1, 2015, separated March 14, 2016.