Around Town – August 15

Orchids to …

• Jeff of Kiwanis of Columbus for all you do to help the community and especially Danny Adams.

• Sixth Street General Baptist Church for an awesome homecoming.

• Josh and Sammie for cleaning out my yard Saturday, from Wilma.

• Dr. Schneider and medical staff at CRH emergency room for helping me with my pain.

• the Rev. William Stache for accurately describing the wrong path taken by our community, nation and the world.

• REMC for the quick response and resolution to the power outage we experienced on Huffer Road on Saturday afternoon, from Weber Farms.

Happy Birthday to …

• Susan Niccum, from your family and Donna.

• Tamla Leckrone, from your family and Donna.

• Austyn Whittington on No. 18, love Mom, Toby, Donna, Terry, T.J., Tam and Dwight.

• Bev Denney, from Steve, Dawn and Shilee.

• Nikki Turner, love Joshua, Bella and Mason Turner.

• Austyn Whittington, love Mammaw, Uncle Josh, Dad, Jessica, Kevin, Uncle Joe, Tad and the rest of your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Toby and Faith Mullis, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.