Around Town – August 18

Orchids to …

• Dave Jones for being a champion of the people and standing up.

• Jay and Karen Cole at Gramz Bakery and Cafe for offering our downtown area great coffee and baked goods.

• the Bartholomew County Council for bringing accountability and transparency to the budget process by hiring an independent financial consultant.

• the city garage department for trimming the tree on Countess Drive.

• the people who stopped to help me Friday on 25th Street and waited around until the police arrived, from Mary.

• Jeff and Ronnie for fixing my car, from Mary.

• the teller at First Financial Bank in Eastbrook Plaza for loaning me an umbrella Tuesday in the rain.

• my neighbor Kathy for always sharing her newspaper with me, from Paulette.

Onions to …

• people who act like there aren’t any places to get coffee downtown when there are already two locations.

• those who turned down an already successful business for a new location in The Commons.

• the rude lady Tuesday night at the local department store for not being patient when there was a serious situation happening in the store.

• the person who doesn’t understand paying for premium channels on TV doesn’t mean you’ll get premium reception.

• the local group for only posting updates about blacks and Hispanics and for discriminating even as they claim not to tolerate discrimination.

• the newspaper for increasing subscription rates for the same product.

• the police for not guiding traffic Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of state roads 11 and 46 when there was a major accident.

• the server who complains to the kitchen staff about customers loud enough for them to hear.

• the doctor who let a patient go because their insurance and circumstances changed.

Happy Birthday to …

• Brad Criswell, from family.

• Tony Garrison, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Richard Whittington.

• Tammy Fletcher.

• Kim Harris.

• Andrew Jacob Spartz.

• Mandy Harvey.

• Lowell Daffron, from Mary and Elsie.

• David Titara, from Carolyn, Jill, David, Drew, Abby, Heather, Scott, Trish, Jamie, Arianna and John John.

• Dickie McFarlane, from Jason, Chrissy, Elijah, Justice, Trinity, Clarity, Jamie, Amanda, Olivia and Chloe.

• Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Carola Peach Clark, from Mom, Cathy, David, Lauren, Annette and Matthew Peach.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Hanz and Christy Wiedersatz.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to …

• Max and Connie Roeder, from Bob, Jeri, Mom and the rest of your family.