Saturday’s Republic: Actor John Cho is getting ready to leave town. But he’s talking about his time in Columbus and his favorite architectural icon

Actor John Cho’s stay in Columbus is ending.

He’s been here since the end of July, shooting a movie that features the city’s architectural gems as its background. You’ve probably seen the film crew in the downtown area.

‘Columbus’ independent film puts city’s landmarks in Hollywood spotlight

Cho has embraced the city in so many ways. His new Instagram account (opened about the same time he arrived in the city) showcases his strong photography skills and the city itself.


john cho instagram single photo


Republic reporter Brian Blair interviewed Cho as he is getting ready to leave town.

Cho talked about why he picked a smaller film after the “Star Trek” blockbuster, how he dived into the local food scene and his favorite architectural icon in Columbus.

You find all the details in Saturday’s Republic.

John Cho
John Cho

And if you have not read it yet, the actor said farewell to city in the nicest of ways. Read what he said here: