Around Town – August 20

Orchids to …

• Wayne Meek of Wayne’s 24-Hour Tire service for his frequent and generous support of the Columbus North High School band, from the Sound of North.

• Hope Baptist Church for the delicious back-to-school lunch on our teacher work day, from the Hope Elementary staff.

• the staff of Silver Oaks Health Campus for the love and care shown to Phyllis Spurgin during her brief time there, from Bob Spurgin and family.

• The Republic for being an awesome newspaper.

• Hope Elementary PTO for the back-to-school gift card for school supplies, from Hope teachers.

• local police departments for all the good service work you do to keep us safe.

• Don at Big Lots for the best customer service we have ever had, from the couple who bought the mattresses.

• Columbus City Utilities for working late into the night to repair our water main on Maple Street, from Bill Backensto.

• the Kroger Co. on its grand opening and for its recognition of and donations to Turning Point Domestic Violence Services and your other community partners.

• Brian Burton, Victor Rubio and Dana Perry for their help with the tree on the team fun run last Saturday, from the CNXC team.

Onions to …

• the movie company for disrupting the local library during the daytime.

• churches that preach all churches having instrumental music are sinners and going to hell.

• the east side box store that still lacked customer service and friendliness in the service department despite having the store cleaned up and merchandised.

• people mowing grass who blow clippings into the streets creating a slick, wet and dangerous mess for motorists, especially motorcycles, trying to stop.

• the person who called in an Onion about the neglected yellow lab in Hope because calling animal control authorities would be better.

• The Republic for giving those with petty social media squabbles a platform.

• those who don’t realize that some radio stations are obligated by contract to broadcast sporting events.

• the mail carrier who keeps delivering my mail to my neighbors and blames the mail sorters at the post office.

Happy Birthday to …

• Andie Simpson, from your family and Donna.

• Timothy Scott Weddle, from the Weddle bunch.

• Carol Jenkins, from Joseph Hart Chapter of the DAR.

• Klaire Bevis from Grandma Jean.

• Dylon Imlay, from Grandma and Grandpa Perdue.

• Angela Templeton, Edwin Stone, Edward Stone and Kevin Konetzka, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Kim Anderson from your family and friends.

Belated Wishes to …

• Darin Pruden and Nena Walls, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• David Bragg

• Kathleen Harker

• Dustin Gilbert

• John Repp

Happy Anniversary to …

• Don and Alice Weddle, from your family and friends.

• Gary and Christine Huffman, from friends at the Moravian Church.