WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. — The Coast Guard and a local diver rescued three people after their boat capsized in the Umpqua River near the Oregon Coast, trapping a 6-year-old boy under the hull.

Coast Guard officials say a boat crew responded Thursday afternoon to a disabled 21-foot pleasure boat that was unable to anchor in the area of Winchester Bay. The boat had reportedly run onto a jetty and capsized.

The boy, who was wearing a life jacket, was stuck underneath the overturned boat, prompting officials to call a rescue diver.

Coast Guard spokeswoman Sarah M. Wilson says the boy was under the hull for at least 30 minutes. It wasn’t clear how he became unconscious.

Wilson says rescuers administered CPR to the child who was unconscious and unresponsive when they transferred him to ambulance personnel. Wilson said Thursday night she was hearing reports that the boy’s condition had improved and that he was being transported to a children’s hospital in Portland.

The Coast Guard crew pulled the boy’s father and grandfather out of the water. Neither were hurt.