PITTSBURGH — President Barack Obama is scheduled to co-host a conference highlighting technical innovations along with the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, the White House announced Tuesday.

The White House Frontiers Conference on Oct. 13 will focus on five “frontiers” of innovation:

— Personal frontiers in health care and medical technology;

— Local frontiers, involving the use of smart technologies in communities;

— National frontiers, focusing on artificial intelligence, robotics and other developments that benefit all Americans;

— Global frontiers, which include technologies for clean energy and tracking climate information;

— Interplanetary frontiers, including future space exploration and plans to explore Mars.

The conference will honor scientists, computer technicians and others at the forefront of such developments.

Pittsburgh was chosen because of various technical innovations, including driverless cars developed by Google and Uber, being tested in the city.

Also Tuesday, Wired, a popular science and technical magazine, announced that Obama will be guest editor of the November issue. The White House says this is the first time the president has guest-edited a publication.