Letter: Stop by local animal shelter, give cat or dog loving home

From: Noel Taylor


“Dogs have masters; cats have servants.” I’ve served many felines in my day, having received my first one from the wife of a Tennessee senator in the 1960s. When our 25-year-old lynx-point Siamese died in early 2014, my wife and I thought we were done with pets, but in June of this year Barbara said, “I think it’s time for another kitty.” Now we have Milo.

Milo is a 2-year-old former resident of the Columbus Animal Shelter whom I adopted in July. Thanks to the shelter, he came already neutered, wormed, chipped (electronic), free of fleas and ear mites, and thoroughly litter box trained. But that’s not all. He heels. He walks on a leash. He brushes his crumbs back under his bowl after eating. He’s great with kids. He comes when called. He fetches. He obeys simple commands instantly, such as “Get down!” when he’s about to eat an indoor plant. He loves to play catch. Did I say feline? Yep, actually, I did. He is, and I’m still amazed. Though he can be all claws when he wants to, he can also jump up on my bare legs without my feeling even one. Try that with a Rottweiler.

The shelter staff can make adoption just as easy for you. Is there a fine feline in your future? Stop by there and find out.