WASHINGTON — Young African-American adults are much more likely than other young Americans to say they are arrested or harassed by police.

This is despite white, Hispanic and Asian-American adults saying they encounter police at about the same rate, a new GenForward poll says.

Twenty-eight percent of blacks 18-30 say they have been arrested, 24 percent say they have been harassed by police, and 53 percent say they know someone who has been.

Twenty-two percent of Hispanics, 15 percent of whites and 10 percent of Asians-Americans say they have been arrested. Sixteen percent of Hispanics, 8 percent of whites and 4 percent of Asian-Americans say they’ve experienced harassment.

About three-quarters of young whites and African-Americans say they’ve been stopped, as do 7 in 10 Latinos. About 6 in 10 Asian-Americans say so.