LAS VEGAS — With voters set to decide a recreational pot measure in November, marijuana growers in Nevada are looking to make their cultivation centers more energy efficient.

NV Energy estimates that power used on one marijuana farm could grow to equal output for about 3,000 homes, reported the Las Vegas Sun ( ).

The utility’s vice president of business development and community strategy, Mary Simmons, says it’s too early to tell how recreational marijuana may impact demand.

“It really all depends on what’s in the details of the legislation,” Simmons said.

The Denver Post reported it’s possible that marijuana growers were behind almost half the city’s growth in electricity in 2014.

State law requires growers to keep plants locked up and out of sight from outside, but Nevada has relaxed its understanding of the rule to allow tinted roofs.

LED light bulbs can reduce costs, but not as much as tinted roofs.

Nevada Medical Marijuana Association Executive Director Will Adler says energy costs as high as $70,000 served as a wake-up call in the industry.

“There is a push for greater efficiency in the marijuana world,” he said.

Some of the state’s 55 facilities approved to grow cannabis in the state are moving toward energy efficiency.

Consultant John Morris runs the nonprofit Resource Innovation Institute, which is focused on energy efficiency at cannabis farms.

“The top priority is yield and product quality,” Morris said. “When you can add a layer of energy efficiency on top of that, it lowers your operational cost.”

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