Around Town – September 4

Orchids to …

• Shane, the manager at Kroger, for helping a young woman just starting out in her new apartment.

• the person at Walmart who found my Yorkie that got out of my car in town Friday.

• the three female employees who kept my Yorkie company and purchased flea and tick shampoo for her.

• the Columbus East boys varsity soccer team for honoring the national anthem before the East/North JV game.

• all the conservatives.

• Cheryl and Bryan at The Republic office for helping me with my car twice, from Tina.

• John Tinkey for his letter to the editor Friday.

• Officer Willis of NVPD for helping push my van in the pouring rain.

• Bonnie and Danny Ayres for their hospitality Wednesday, from a disabled person.

• all liberals in the United States.

• Rose Maudlin for her excellent letter in The Republic.

• our great neighbors who came to my aid Thursday when Juan fell and to 911 and the ER for such good care.

• the Almsteads on a wonderful anniversary party, from Richard and Marie.

Happy Birthday to …

• Robert Blackford, from the Hardware team and Donna.

• John Hurless, from your family and Donna.

• Glenn Poynter, from Betty, Connie, Matt, Lori, Brittany, Cole, Brantley, Audryanna, Sandra, Kevin, Cierra, Tyler, Skylar, Dave, Megan, Nick, Luke, Madison, Brayden, your brothers and sister and their families, your congregation at Lowell Baptist Church and friends.

• Kambry Drysdale, on No. 1, from Dad, Mom, Xavier, Papaw and Mamaw Bobo and all your family.

• Jay McNicholas.

• Mathew Robertson.

• Glenn Line, from Pete, Bev and Jim.

• Brad Dickens, from Diana Davidson.

• Cheryl Williams from Pam, Brenda, Debi, Tim, Terry, Byron, Heather, Josh, Mikayla, Parker, Annie, Elizabeth, Dr. Tim, Luke, Katie, Dad and Virgie.

• Louise Greenlee, from Danny, Kelli, Rylee, Lexie and Kloey Anderson.

• Donita Meredith, from Jean Patrick and Barb Harmon.

Belated Happy Birthday to

• Allen Simmons, from Courtney, Jalen and all your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Rita and Ron Wheeler, from your family, Bonnie and Donna.

• Jerry and Janet Ault on No. 50, from your family and friends.

• Mary and Joe Clipp, from Jerry and Carolyn,

• Annie Kinderman on No. 51, from Joey.