Court news – September 4

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small claims Filed

Candlelight Homes and/or Candlelight Village vs. Charlene Clark, Scottland Drive, $392, $533 and eviction; and David Hamilton, Candel Drive, $361.71, $784 and eviction.

Joli Rentals vs. Andrew and Surena Louden, Poplar Drive, damages and eviction; Tracy Smith, Elizabethtown, damages and eviction; John and Lisa Valles, Bonaventure Drive, damages and eviction; Billy Jo Parks and Jerry Isgriss, 20th Street, damages and eviction.

Columbus Housing Authority vs. Brittany Brewer, McClure Road, complaint for eviction.

Arbors at Waters Edge vs. Malerie Brashear, North County Road 150W, damages and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Julie S. Bishop, Grange Drive, $2,246.12; Brian C. Campbell, Indianapolis, $2,119.31; Amy C. Coombs, West Deaver Road, $1,380.81; Jeff Finley, Pence Avenue, $2,647.21; Kendra Gonzalez, West County Road 300S, $2,873.57; Robert A. Goodpaster, Odon, $4,565.47; Nicole J. Henson, North County Road 250W, $3,007.58; Shannon Hickey, Hope, $1,407.82; Kristopher K. Lawson, Karen Court, $1,524.41; Brian Brumley, West County Road 525S, $5,829.92; Abigail M. Campbell, Edinburgh, $4,542.02; Faith M. Conway, Shelbyville, $2,066.49; and Dia R. Goodrich, Morgantown, $3,919.54.

Pamela Mobley, Hope, vs. Ronda and Frankie Feliciano, Hartsville, $985 and eviction.

Orinoco 16, LLC vs. Greg Simo, doing business as Tech Fundi, Audubon Drive, $1,873.33.

TWG Management/Gateway Apartments, vs. Laure’L Watson, Phoenix Court, $1,620 and eviction; and Joshua Morgan and Sarah Hayden, Phoenix Court, $1,374.47 and eviction.

Charlene Bryant, Willowbrook Drive, vs. Lucas S. Senn, Seymour, $467.

Raymond Morris, Coles Drive, vs. Jeff Douglas, Louisville, Kentucky, $4,373.

Charles B. Whittington vs. Perry Jackson, Hope, $6,000 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Deborah S. Arnold, Salzburg Boulevard, $2,319.20; David Banks, Hege Avenue, $2,754.30; Lisa N. Brooks, Indianapolis, $2,496.07; Heather Carmickle, Columbus, $4,255.20; Trina R. Cornett, Westport, $5,566.01; Debra M. Gentry, Elizabethtown, $2,737.52; Valencia L. Gooden, Coovert Street, $5,587.14; Ada M. Hall, Jewell Street, $2,942.84; and Duranda R. Pace, North Lincoln Village Drive, $1,368.76.

Jim and Mary Hartman, Columbus, vs. Michael Hawk, Seventh Street, $600 and eviction.

Donald R. Newland, Tyler Drive, vs. Donald W. Newland, Tyler Drive, complaint for eviction.

Charleston Square Apartments vs. Tyler R. Hill and Austin K. Blankenship, Coldstream Lane, $505 and eviction.

Candlelight Village and/or Candlelight Homes vs. Debra Sample, North Vernon, $719 and eviction; Dorothy Jessie, Rosedale Drive, $316.80, $1,024 and eviction; Jessi Wood, Longshore Drive, $1,124.19, $869 and eviction; Kaylena East and Mathew Martin, Lamplight Drive, $527.69, $1,372 and eviction; Cortnie Jo M. James, Bayberry Drive, $396, $424 and eviction; Kristina Barnett, Rosewood Lane, and Martin Barnett, East Sunland Road, $808.16, $949 and eviction; and Anthony and Jammie Allseitz, Lamplight Drive, $336.57, $454 and eviction.

Wade Myers, State Street, vs. Kerry and Amber Hall, Seventh Street, $540 and eviction.

Dissolutions of marriage


Richelle D. Medlock, Pennsylvania Street, vs. Jimmy W. Medlock, Franklin Street, married Oct. 1, 2011, separated Dec. 4, 2012.

Nathan A. McClellan, Bartholomew County, vs. Ginger A. McClellan, Bartholomew County, married Oct. 18, 2014, separated May 2016.

Bryce A. Essex, Rosewood Lane, vs. Cynthia M. Stokes, Brownstown, no marriage or separation dates available.

Margaret R. Fouts, Bartholomew County, vs. Daniel F. Fouts, Bartholomew County, married Aug. 18, 2001, separated Aug. 17, 2016.

Phyllis Nicole Hawley, North County Road 700W, vs. Jason M. Hawley, West Highland Lane, married Sept. 23, 2006, separated May 2, 2016.