Faurecia employees helping in food drive

Faurecia employees in the Columbus area are participating in the seventh annual FUELS Food Drive, which began Sept. 1.

During September, more than 20,000 Faurecia employees in 44 manufacturing plants and research and development centers across Canada, Mexico and the United States will donate money and food to local food banks. Through all its facilities, the employees hope to raise enough to provide 800,000 meals.

As part of the food drive, Faurecia facilities participate in a friendly competition. Each site has a goal to meet based on the number of meals provided the previous year. In addition to individual employee donations, Faurecia sites host a variety of fundraisers, which include chili cookoffs, golf outings, car washes, dunk tanks, picnics, kickball tournaments and more.

For sites that reach their targets, the company donates an extra $1,000 to a selected food bank partner. The sites that raise the most, as a percentage of their goal, earn an extra $5,000 for the food bank. One winning site is named for Canada/United States and one for Mexico.

Information: faurecia.com

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