LANCASTER, N.H. — The head of the New Hampshire’s Operation Game Thief program has been named the new president of an international group that wants to stop illegal wildlife activity.

Lt. Wayne Saunders, District 1 Chief for the state Fish and Game Department’s Law Enforcement Division, heads the International Wildlife Crimestoppers. New Hampshire will host the group’s 2017 conference.

In New Hampshire, Saunders leads an anti-poaching program that encourages people to report suspicious activity or knowledge about a poaching violation.

International Wildlife Crimestoppers is a nonprofit dedicated to reducing the illegal taking of the world’s fish and wildlife resources through the exchange of information with anti-poaching organizations at international, national, regional and local levels.

Members are agencies or organizations whose primary responsibility is the collection and distribution of information relating to violations of laws and regulations regarding the fish, wildlife and habitat in their state or province. The association is made up of U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and local conservation groups and individuals around the world.

Saunders said he’s honored “to further fight poaching at every level to help secure wildlife populations for future generations.”