BOISE, Idaho — Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo has completed his mission of visiting every incorporated city in Idaho over the past two years.

Crapo, a Republican, checked off his final town last week with a stop in Wardner in North Idaho’s Silver Valley, reported The Spokesman-Review (

He had hoped to hold hour-long, town-hall-style meetings in each of the 200 cities, but not all of them had town halls. In those cases, Crapo held meetings in parks — and, in one case, under a picnic shelter during a rainstorm.

“It has been an incredibly wonderful experience,” Crapo said Friday. “I thought I had been to every town in Idaho, but I found out there were a few that I hadn’t been to.”

Crapo’s staff said some visits have drawn as many as 200 people, while others were attended by as few as two people.

The senator said the smallest city was Warm River, which officially has a population of three. Crapo said nine people showed up.

Ruthie Johnson, a former aide to Idaho’s late Sen. Jim McClure, said McClure got around the state a lot but she doesn’t remember any senator doing so as extensively as Crapo.

“This is just amazing,” said Johnson, adding that Crapo “really listened to the people when they asked the questions or gave their opinions on things.”

Crapo said he came up with the idea during a scheduling meeting in 2014.

“I just felt that we ought to go to every town,” he said. “One of my staffers raised her hand and said, ‘How about we start with the incorporated towns?'”

There are 200 such municipalities in Idaho.

“We were all like, ‘Really’?” said communications director Lindsay Nothern.

But they held the first meeting in Moyie Springs that October.

Information from: The Spokesman-Review,