Letter: Officials must cooperate to promote common good

From: Dennis Baute


Governing at the local level can be difficult under the best of circumstances and is made even more difficult when our state legislature increases county responsibilities but at the same time limits resources.

On the surface our Bartholomew County elected officials would seem to be well-equipped to find amiable solutions given their similar political and socio-economic backgrounds. In reality, however, our county government desperately seems to need development of additional skills involving compromise, cooperation, leadership, prior preparation and knowledge of basic budgeting to deal with the current financial reality and disagreements. We are approaching a dysfunctional situation where we may be becoming a declining county because our leaders are unable to work together for the general welfare.

Voters should attend county council and commissioner meetings — especially the current 2017 budget meetings — to educate themselves and urge our officials to come together for the common good.