Around Town – September 8

Orchids to …

• Cummins for realizing it had a bedbug infestation and temporarily closing the building to deal with it.

• city garage for picking up a huge load of branches the same day I called, leaving the sidewalk spotless.

• Tim and Nada for the excellent fish fry and hospitality, from friends.

• Randy at Rust Unger Monuments for a job well done, from James Jackson.

• Rusty Brummett for being on guard and watching out for Raider Nation on Tuesday afternoon.

• Isabelle Sciutto for your generous offer as it is greatly appreciated, from Debbie Greene.

• 18-year veteran crossing guard at the intersection of Home Avenue and National Road, Gene Jackson, on your recent retirement.

• the city for repaving Taylor Road and the good, hard work, from a proud everyday driver of Taylor Road.

• the woman who found my purse in the cart by the Dollar Store and took it inside for them to call me.

• the stylist at Laurel’s Hair Studio for donating a dollar per haircut to Love Chapel this month, from Tina Nickle.

• Richard at the west-side Goodwill for his positive attitude.

• Donnie from Kroot Corp. and Keith for the difficult delivery of the bin, from Cheryl and Andrea.

• Pastor Warren and Helen Kirk for being my sponsor on the Indy Honor Flight for Veterans to Washington, D.C., from Robert Condon.

• the local accounting firm owner for paying the Humane Society’s large kitty litter and food bill at the store checkout.

Onions to …

• people who do not realize that Columbus Regional Hospital is not a trauma hospital.

• government officials who promised streets of the Everroad addition would be repaved in the spring and did not do it.

• women who took up four tables at a busy restaurant over the lunch hour playing cards.

• the neighbor who has a large camper blocking stop signs.

• the local elected official who stated in an open meeting that he ran for office and got elected so he could lower his personal taxes.

• people who do not have digital coupons on their smartphone screens, causing extra time for other customers in line while they search for the coupons.

• those who don’t realize that only people who are seriously hurt are flown to Indy, as the rest go to our own hospital.

• liberals worried about a Trump presidency that need to realize it’s their turn to feel the fear that we’ve felt for the past eight years.

• any adult chasing a teenager at 100 miles an hour.

• the dog kennel that does not have Sunday or holiday pickup, causing the customer to pay for more nights.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sarah Elizabeth Wheeler.

• Bonnie Baute.

• Tyler Jones.

• Jim Haislup, from OES.

• Jill Crull.

• Ronnie Simmons.

• Donnie Simmons.

• Judy Jackson, from your friends at Columbus City Hall.

• Myrna Dunaway, from Ronnie.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Sam and Barbara Swinford, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to …

• Jeremy and Brittney Newland, from Mom, Dad, Kaylin, Morgan, Jamie, Tammy, Dylan, Kendra, Carrie, Tyler, Jeff, Amy, Tye and Trey.