BATON ROUGE, La. — The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is delaying a drawdown on False River because of recent flooding in the area.

Project engineers say they expect no adverse effects from flooding, but they recommend delaying the drawdown as a precaution.

The move was originally set to begin Tuesday, but is now scheduled a week later, barring significant rainfall.

The lake will be lowered 1.5 inches per day to a maximum of 6 feet below pool stage. The slow drop is recommended to allow proper drainage of the shoreline.

The drawdown is a management tool to improve water quality, decrease sedimentation and improve sportfish habitat.

The lake will remain open to fishing and other recreational activities during the drawdown. However, boaters are advised to be careful during the low water period because boat lanes will not provide normal clearance of underwater structures.

The drawdown is scheduled to close Jan. 15, and the lake will be allowed to refill.