LAS VEGAS — A Las Vegas judge citing community safety increased bail to $100,000 Thursday for a Nevada homicide suspect who was re-arrested four days after authorities say he broke a set of handcuffs and escaped from a police interview room.

Alonso Perez said nothing during his initial court appearance on use of a firearm, assault and domestic battery charges stemming from a separate case.

Justice of the Peace Conrad Hafen raised Perez’ bail from $50,000 to $100,000 after a prosecutor said the suspect faces more serious charges in North Las Vegas.

Defense lawyer Julia Murray declined outside court to comment on details of the case but said Perez, 25, plans to plead not guilty

Perez, who also uses the name Alfonso Perez, was due to appear later Thursday by video for his initial court appearance on the North Las Vegas charges of murder, use of a firearm, escape and auto theft charges.

Authorities say he fatally shot 31-year-old Mohammed Robinson on Aug. 27 outside a North Las Vegas fast-food restaurant after an argument that some witnesses said erupted over Robinson not holding a door open for a woman.

Video made public Wednesday by North Las Vegas police show Perez after being brought to a police station for questioning twisting the hinge of handcuffs attaching his right wrist to a metal bar on a table bolted to the floor of the police interview room.

Police said Perez was still wearing ankle chains and the broken cuff on his right wrist when he climbed into a ceiling, dropped back down into a hallway, exited a door and stole a work truck left that had been left idling in a nearby parking lot.

Perez was re-arrested late Tuesday at an apartment not far from the location where the truck was found.

The handcuff-breaking escape was believed to be the first ever from a police interview room in the city, North Las Vegas police said.

An internal investigation is underway into the escape and police have put in a place a policy requiring someone to monitor video of detainees left alone in interview rooms, the department said.