Letter: Giving tax money to churches violates Constitution

From: Wilford Lutes


I fully agree with Rose Maudlin regarding her letter to the editor on Sept. 3. I believe that the law passed to give tax money to churches is a violation of the Constitution regarding the separation of church and state. When the law was passed, I contacted a member of the Indiana Legislature, and the response was that a judge had said it was legal so he was going along with that ruling.

I believe that this law was passed at the request of our governor. His church membership is with one of the churches that has schools statewide. Was the judge also a member of one of these churches? This should be taken to the Supreme Court.

I also contacted the ACLU. I got no response. That organization can file a lawsuit to have a Christmas tree removed from a government property, but apparently is not interested in keeping our tax money out of the hands of churches.

I also contacted Morton Marcus, who writes a column in this newspaper. He does take up controversial issues at times. I got no response.

So when the politicians send out letters wanting donations for election or re-election, I do not respond. They only represent the special interests, not the citizens whom they are elected to support.