KETCHIKAN, Alaska — A school is facing a fine after its football team forfeited a game that left two players injured.

The Alaska School Activities Association has put Ketchikan High School on probation and issued a $500 fine, reported the Ketchikan Daily News (

Two players went to the hospital with injuries sustained in a game against Juneau’s Thunder Mountain High School. They were later released.

Association Executive Director Billy Strickland said the fine and probation were based on bylaws, and that he has not talked to school officials or seen game film. According to the bylaws, “pulling a team off the floor or field is an intentional contract violation.”

“Ketchikan may very well want to appeal the decision to the ASAA board of directors if they believe there were justifiable reasons for pulling the team off the field,” Strickland said.

Principal Bob Marshall said the school and Strickland have been trying to get in touch.

“We are still, unfortunately, playing phone tag; he tried contacting us and we tried calling him back and it’s been like that for a day or so,” Marshall said. “We did receive the letter that stated we were given a $500 fine. We’d like to have the conversation and figure out where we’re going to go from there.”

Marshall said fine or no fine, the school stands behind its coach.

“We’ll look at what ASAA has said and recognize that based on the black and white reading of those policies, we may get fined,” he said. “But we know the best decision was made that night because the safety of our players was taken into consideration. I don’t question (football head coach Jim Byron’s) decision whatsoever.”

Information from: Ketchikan (Alaska) Daily News,