Around Town – September 12

Orchids to …

• Columbus Eagles 741 for an awesome picnic Sunday.

• Andrea Neal for the excellent editorial about Curt Smith’s book, “Decide …,” especially on the movement from separation of church and state to segregation.

• Roger, Mike, Mark, Killian, Barry and Mike for their exceptional volunteer service as Day of Service Area Coordinators.

• Dorel Juvenile Group for going over and beyond to help community residents on Day of Service.

• all the excellent volunteers from Cummins Fuel Systems that helped revitalize Tannehill Mobile Park and to Cummins Global Integrated Services for their impactful volunteer demo work at several Day of Service locations.

• the teens and teachers at Youth Services Center for their awesome folding efforts in completing 1,000 Day of Service T-shirts.

• Donnie, Jeannie and Bruce for the cake, from Uncle Bill.

• Damon Hunter Jr. for your interception Friday night for Columbus North.

• the young men who picked me up out of the street when I fell Saturday.

• ZwanzigZ for your awesome customer service, from Kathy S.

• East Columbus United Methodist Church for an awesome block party Saturday.

• the Kroger team for making it right Saturday night at customer service.

• Sergeant Tom Foust for an excellent and informative firearms safety course Saturday, from Julie Greene.

• Ashley at Sally Beauty Supply for her outstanding aid Saturday afternoon getting my car started, from a grateful patron.

Happy Birthday to …

• Janet Burton, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Robert Henderson.

• Davis Smith.

• Evan Martinez.

• Andrew Klinker, from Miss Marie.

• Mitchell Burton on No. 18, from Mom and Dad.

• my wife Kathy Wheeler, from your husband.

• Paul Goodin, from Patty Goodin and the rest of your family.

Happy Belated Birthday to

• Jan Sabatino, from your daughters of Isabella Sisters.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Andy Larrison on No. 24, from Crystal Larrison.