BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. — While the Bay St. Louis City Council considers a noise ordinance and other restrictions on the entertainment district, bar and tavern owners are worried they may be put out of business.

The Sun Herald reports ( dozens of residents attended the council’s workshop Monday, many of them airing grievances with the city’s liberal policy on loud music, lights and hours of operation for venues along the beach downtown and in the Depot District.

Many are calling for the council to restrict music after 10 p.m. or to even restrict bars from remaining open later than 10 p.m. Others said midnight would be fine with them, and some said 2 a.m. is a more reasonable hour.

One woman told the council she is not only bothered by the music, but also the neon lights some business owners place in their windows. Another said she is constantly annoyed by loud music coming from vehicles that drive by her home at night.

Only one resident voiced his approval of the activity at the nightclubs near his residence, saying he enjoyed the sound of city tax revenue.

“What I hear is the sound of the value of my property going up,” he said. “Trust me, I hear the music, and all I hear is ‘ka-chink, ka-chink, ka-chink.'”

Roger Kaplinger, owner of Buoy’s Bar on Beach Boulevard, stood with other bar owners in opposition to any ordinance that would restrict a venue’s hours of operation.

He said most patrons don’t even begin a night out until 10:30 p.m. or later.

Restrictions on hours would likely force him to close his business, he said.

The councilmen decided that a committee of citizens — having an equal number of both residents and bar owners — should tackle the issue.

Information from: The Sun Herald,