Around Town – September 16

Orchids to …

• Andrew Vanderbur, graphic artist at Hoosier Sporting Goods, for your assistance and patience while designing our Harden memory shirts, from Deanna, Pennie and Debbie.

• Acra and Tim Swain for aiding on a car transaction, from Jan.

• Hackman’s market for giving support to our fundraiser to help make it a success, from the Clifty St. Paul Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.

• the city employee who cleaned up all the tree limbs on Rocky Ford Road so efficiently.

• Charlie and Jayne Farber for being this year’s Not-So Newlywed Game judges.

• Flintwood Wesleyan Church, Columbus Regional Hospital ambulance and Columbus Regional Hospital emergency department Wednesday.

• Travis from Animal Care Services for rescuing the cat that came into our garage, from Matt and Kaitlin Downs.

• Kathy Sprague for being a good hairdresser and friend, from Jan.

• Kari and Lori McIntosh for buying us dessert.

• the county worker who did an excellent job of mowing around Grandview Lake.

• St. Bartholomew School’s children’s choir, the flute player and Mrs. Owens for the song, “We Remember.”

Onions to …

• people who trim their shrubs and trees and put them out in the street.

• homeowners association that got a lawyer to put a lien on my house when I can’t afford to pay the late fees at this time, instead of trying to help.

• people who want to call owned cats “stray cats” so they won’t get into trouble with the authorities and have their cats taken away.

• the manager who wears workout clothing, ball caps and other revealing clothing to work and to her supervisor who allows her to wear such clothing as it’s inappropriate for an office.

• pedestrians who don’t know how to safely cross the street.

• the professor who made a girl prove she was with her dying mother.

Happy Birthday to …

• Roe Dale Burton, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Lexi Talkington, on No. 4, from Mamaw and Papa Simmons.

• Ron Noel, from the neighbor’s and Donna.

• Bruce Query, from your family and Donna.

• Mary Francis Runion, from your family and Donna.

• Billy Money, from Dustie, Tyler and Dustin.

• Kimberley Schoettner, from Mom, Joan, Mark, Gabe, Jessie, Jake and Beth.

• Sydney Madden on No. 6, from Eayon, Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Tahcia, Uncle Chris, Grams and Grandad.

• Shelby Gibson

• Eagan Matthew Boren

• Eric Brown

• Steven Carothers, from Carrie, Mandy, Peter, Max and Pearl.

• Laurel Barnes, from Mom, Benny, Bailey, Dan, Natasha, Jason, Tony, Brian, Aurora, Kayleigh, Torrie and Tom.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Mike and Brenda Todd, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Tony and Amberly Peterson, on No. 10, from Shirley and family.