5 overdoses reported in 24 hours locally

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers is warning Bartholomew County residents there have been five possible heroin overdoses in the past 24 hours, from Friday into Saturday.

Multiple doses of naloxone are being required to revive victims, he said.

Members of the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team are investigating the overdoses to determine what may be in the heroin leading to overdoses. At this point, investigators don’t know if the heroin has been cut with fentanyl or another substance or if the overdoses are related to how much the individuals used, the sheriff said. All five of the victims were revived.

Anyone with information about heroin distribution in Bartholomew County is urged to call the Columbus Police Department or sheriff’s department tip lines to provide information. Information may be left anonymously.

Columbus Police Department Tip Line: 812-376-2621

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department Tip Line: 812-379-1712