Indiana State Police sent to capture alligator on I-465


INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana State Police found a live alligator on the shoulder of Interstate 465 southbound at about 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

Troopers found the 2-foot alligator, alive but injured, state police said. Troopers immediately contacted animal control personnel and made efforts to prevent the alligator from running into traffic. At one point, a trooper actually picked up the animal to keep it from entering the traffic lanes of I-465, troopers said.

Shortly before animal control arrived on the scene, the alligator died, troopers said. The alligator had visible injuries consistent with falling, or being thrown from a moving vehicle, state police said. Troopers believe this could be a case of someone improperly disposing  of, or releasing a domesticated reptile.

Anyone with information about who may have owned this alligator is asked to call the Indiana State Police at  317-899-8577. The Department of Natural Resources was consulted for the proper disposal of the reptile.