FRANKLINTON, La. — A Bogalusa man’s trial was nearly complete when he decided to plead guilty to shooting his ex-girlfriend’s fiancé in the face for refusing to pay $60 for a part for the woman’s car, according to the district attorney for Washington Parish.

District Attorney Warren Montgomery says 31-year-old Marcus Bullock, 31, could get 33 years and four months in prison without parole if he’s sentenced as a multiple offender on two counts of attempted murder and one of being a felon with a firearm.

Bullock pushed his way into the man’s house on March 31, 2015, demanding the money, Montgomery said in a news release Monday.

When the victim said he’d discuss the matter with the woman the next day, Bullock answered “Tomorrow’s not gonna get here,” and pulled a pistol, Montgomery said.

He said Bullock hit the man in the face with it, then pointed it at the man’s head.

The gun misfired twice. The third time, a bullet struck the man’s cheek, traveled under the skin and went out the back of his head, Montgomery said.

He said Bullock also shot at his ex-girlfriend as the two ran.

He says both were present at the hearing Thursday and agreed to the plea.

Sentencing is scheduled Sept. 27.