Around Town – September 23

Orchids to …

• Bob and Charlotte Condon for all you are doing for me, from Esther.

• City Councilman Frank Miller for speaking up for those of us on fixed incomes who don’t get cost of living increases.

• Dr. Mernitz for taking your time with me when I know you had a super busy day and for listening. You have no idea how much you helped me.

• the Rev. Bill Bailey for an awesome Bible study Wednesday night.

• Mayor James Leinhoop and Columbus City Council for the awesome job they’re doing to bring Columbus into the future, from John Tinkey.

• the person who edged my yard in Princeton Park.

• my wonderful husband, family and friends who are doing so much for me in my fight against cancer, from Jan.

• Dr. Owen Forbes for being there for a fellow veteran and for his service to his country, from a veteran and patient.

• Grant at Voelz Body Shop for great customer service, from the Myers family.

Onions to …

• those who don’t realize that any baby born is a miracle and a gift, whether they are born in or out of wedlock.

• to the director of the youth athletics program for letting referees officiate their own kids’ games, for not doing enough about kids getting concussions and giving excuses for the other kids’ bad behavior.

• the company that lies and takes advantage of senior citizens.

• all the drivers who go too fast on Goeller Boulevard.

• critics of James Lienhoop’s administration.

• the woman in the white Infiniti for tailgating and speeding every morning on Central Avenue.

• city officials for giving themselves raises and for not being able to get along when the city’s infrastructure needs improvement.

• those responsible for the terrible shape of the school soccer field.

• officials who break the law and get by with it.

• the retirement community for its continually declining, and often inedible, meal service to residents.

• city leaders that boast about Columbus and promoting healthy living when some look like they could use healthier living themselves.

• people who think people have to get their text messages perfect.

• people who smoke in their cars and homes when children are present, which should be child abuse.

Happy Birthday to …

• Darren Hinton, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Helen Jones, from your family, George, Gerry and Donna.

• Donna Clark, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Jack Nolting, from family and friends.

• Ron Ellison, from friends.

• John Bragg.

• Matthew Garrison.

• Jerry McKinney.

• Eleanor Valek, with love from your family.

• Alexis Crabtree, on No. 14, from Aunt Trish, Haleigh, Mackenzie, Kristy, Daddy Dale and Betty Crabtree, brothers Aaron, Derek and Ron Crabtree, Papaw Ron Crabtree, Austin and Grandma Shirley Crabtree and the whole Crabtree family.

• Taylen Lane, from your Nanny.

• Barb Hackman, from your sisters, family and friends.

• Grace Burbrink, on No. 12, from Mamaw and Papaw Hoeltke.

Belated Wishes to …

• Maddison Marie Uphaus, on No. 14, from Grandma and Grandpa Zapfe.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Dan and Cathy Barga, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Kristy Huckaby, from Donny.