Letter: Trump against most of what evangelical Christians stand for

From: Elizabeth Nolan-Greven


I have been curious and puzzled by the reports that evangelical Christians are supporting Donald Trump for president. This strikes me as very odd, I think, because of my understanding of Christianity. Christianity was presented to me, as I was growing up, as a loving and kind religion, one in which forgiveness, generosity, charity and love were featured. We were to “love our neighbor,” “treat others the way you would like to be treated” and, importantly, care for and nurture the poor and hurting. I believe these are the teachings of Christ. So how is it that Trump appeals to evangelical Christians? What gives?

Is it his level of hostility and hatred toward people unlike him … refugees and immigrants, people of color, poor people and women? Or is it that he has a history, well documented and admitted by him, of “sleeping around” and womanizing? Perhaps it is that he is thrice married and has cheated on his wives, so clearly doesn’t honor that institution. Maybe it is that he is a climate change denier and therefore cares not a whit about the planet Earth that we live on, nor about its protection, which many Christians believe is important. What could it possibly be that appeals to evangelicals?

He has, actually, made it clear that he is all about him and his money and power and not at all about anyone/thing else. He even admits that he doesn’t know the Bible or believe it the way the evangelicals do. How can evangelicals support such a person? It is befuddling. I have yet to see any sign of humility or understanding come from Trump. Again, please illuminate how he is appealing to evangelical Christians. I don’t get it.