Around Town – September 27

Orchids to …

• my grandmother, Jan Moss, for all you’ve done for me, from Abbi-Daile.

• Eric McDonald and Jim West for bringing a bulletin to me, from a disabled person.

• The Republic for all the fun stuff I’m reading about the marathon race.

• the Turning Point Domestic Violence Services volunteers who were at the “turning point” at Saturday’s marathon.

• all the people who submit Orchids as less negativity goes a long way.

• Jimmy Bennett for an awesome solo Sunday evening at the Parkside Baptist Church.

• Sam Simmermaker and the people at the Hope Heritage Parade for honoring the POW/MIA parade entry.

• our wonderful friends and neighbors in Oakbrook for the party and for looking out for us the past 18 years, from the Perrys.

• Elizabeth Nolan-Greven on a well-thought-out letter to the editor.

• Debra and Julie Greene for the nice surprise Sunday, from Mom/Grandma Judy and Pappaw Tom.

Onions to …

• to people that complain about lack of parking for the marathon to get their packets yet continue to participate in it year after year.

• all of those who are going to complain about the marathon.

• government officials who submit Orchids to … themselves.

• those who don’t realize that there are marathon-related activities Friday.

• the neighbor that always wants to talk and woke me up from my nap by ringing the door bell.

• people who are obsessed with the architecture of Columbus but are completely myopic of the rampant and worsening drug and blight problems the city has.

• neighbors who drive too fast and endanger my grandchild.

• those who are not showing respect for the flag by not standing for the national anthem, regardless of reason.

• The Republic for allowing advertising on the front page.

• the elected official’s staff who submits Orchids to … themselves.

• whoever is in charge of chip-sealing a newly paved East County Road 600N and then wondering why the county has financial problems.

• The Republic for not publishing my husband’s birthday wish Saturday.

• the company in Columbus for sending close to 20 tons per week of non-biodegradable stainless steel and rubber in a landfill that will never deteriorate.

• the city for having the marathon on the same day that Hope has Heritage Days, which has been going on a lot longer.

• those who defy authority and have the victim mentality.

• coaches who coach their own children and can’t do it without blaming the officials.

• whoever plans the marathon on the same weekend as Hope Heritage Days.

• those who talk about how much money the marathon brings in without figuring up how much money it costs to put it on.

• those for a marathon being held in town on busy streets that causes long traffic backups and almost making people late for work.

• the local shop that is rude to disabled people.

• the big red truck that pulled out in front of us twice Thursday night and didn’t even stop to see if we were OK.

• the employee who told the couple with a full cart to use an express lane.

• the woman who says Christians are meant to love one another and then proceeds to trash one of our candidates.

• The Republic wasting a lot of space in the newspaper on a marathon.

• people who keep identifying our president as our first black president when he is actually our first biracial president.

• those not realizing that Christians are voting for a conservative platform.

• the weak-spirited residents of this community who need to dust off their picket signs and drive the marathon out of the community.

• the police officer that I spoke to Monday morning who said, “You’re not dead yet?”

Happy Birthday to …

• David Alexander, from your family and Donna.

• Tammy Baker, from your family and co-workers.

• Beverly McDermott, from Erin and family.

• Virginia L. Hauser.

• Patty Goodin, from Paul Goodin and your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Chris Loesch on No. 2, with love to you and our boys and many more years ahead, from Nacyia Messina-Loesch.