Letter: Yes, Jesus even loves person who stole purse

From: Mary Hurt


Sept. 16 started out as a great day. I took Grandma Linda, 75, Bob Elkins, 90, and myself, 60, to volunteer at the Gleaners Food Pantry in Brownstown. We had six hands, three willing bodies, health problems and our own issues. We used our time and gladly helped.

We were also a part of the group of people standing in line for that free food. We did get in line and get what was given, so we did benefit, too, but we were there to serve. Loved it, enjoyed the other people who also volunteered. I was asked by a few people to help get their food. Did so willingly. Got done with that, took Bob home. We were blessed.

Grandma and I stopped to get a drink. I took my change purse in with me. When I got in the car, I put it on the dash in the corner of my car. We went to Hobby Lobby to get a few things for the bake sale we were having three days later at the senior center. I got out of the car to get the wheelchair off the trailer and got Grandma in it. I discovered my change purse was missing. I left the purse on the dash. I also did not lock my car, my fault, but God will give me peace and I will be OK.

In that purse was $150 to be put in savings for trips to see our kids, birthday and Christmas gifts. Also in that purse were two crosses. The first one was given to me in church several years ago by a 10-year-old boy who thought I needed it more than he did. On the cross was “Jesus loves you.” I also had another cross that my husband found four years ago in a store parking lot by our car. He gave me the cross saying I think we need this right now. We were in an argument. It was needed. I have carried those crosses with me every day since they were given to me. They are dear to me.

We are on a fixed income and the extra money is hard-worked for. I had to face my husband with the bad news. I let him down. He wasn’t angry, and he told me bad things happen. The person who took that purse had no right to it no matter if the car was locked or not. They were not given an open invitation to steal from me. God saw it all. The person will have to answer to him. I pray that the person needed the money more than we did, and it will be used for good. If that is not the case I pray the crosses will change a life. I forgive the person. Jesus loves that person, too.