Letter: Trump’s appeal? He’s not a hypocritical politicians

From: James Atkins


I must respond to Tom Lane’s letter published Sept. 14 concerning “political correctness.” He gave us a lot of happy talk while working toward the points he really wanted to make from the very beginning: namely, anyone who is in favor of Donald Trump for president is sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. and is a blatant hater of others. He further stated that to disagree with anything people like him say is tantamount to ignorance. And conservatives/Republicans are supposed to be the big name callers? I’m almost certain that if his letter had waited a few more days he could have worked in Hillary Clinton’s phrase of “deplorables” with all of her descriptions.

I’m not privy to where Lane has been over the last several years, but if you ask almost anyone about the weak economy, growing terrorism, illegal immigration, deteriorating military, burgeoning national debt, deteriorating race relations, loss of respect among nations, real unemployment, strife in the Middle East with persecution of Christians commonplace, etc., they will, with few exceptions, agree that these are major issues, and only one person (Donald Trump) is (to use Lane’s phrase) “saying it like it is.”

How Lane can equate disagreeing with how this country is run to being racist, sexist, homophobic, haters, etc. is beyond me. I personally traveled to Mexico/South America on business for over eight years and have a great deal of respect for Latinos, especially Mexicans and their work ethic. That, however, has nothing to do with their entering this country illegally. It’s not right, and you better not try the same thing in Mexico.

I have not been happy with the policies, practices and the political games that have gone on under President Obama. Does that mean I’m a racist? That I’m biased against him because of his skin color? Those who know me would know that’s untrue because I have two beautiful biracial grandsons who look no different than the president.

To the point of “telling it like it is,” Trump will say what needs to be said, whereas the president, his spokesperson, Josh Earnest, the media (including this newspaper) and Clinton want to present everything as if we are peering through rose-tinted glasses. That, Mr. Lane, is why people are clamoring toward Trump, because they have seen the hypocrisy exhibited by our leaders and they are tired of praising the emperor’s new clothes when they have seen the same stained undergarments for years.

Trump, while not a perfect candidate, isn’t a politician like Clinton. Trump admits some of the faux pas he has committed, but he loves this country and is poised to improve our standing in the world economically and militarily. Flamboyant, boisterous, flashy and unorthodox — yes, but not to be compared to the character flaws of Clinton, who has lied repeatedly.