Letter: Keep kids strong to combat drug issues

From: Chuck Kime

Foundation for Youth executive director


We’ve been hearing much lately about the growing drug problem in our community. It’s hard to imagine sometimes how close to home this strikes. This month we’ve had significant events in our own neighborhood.

The strength we show our kids has never been more important. Of course we have to keep them close and keep them safe. We will need to rely on our schools, community organizations and other parents to be mindful of every child. We will have to anticipate concerns before they arrive. Fortunately, we live in a community where that is the norm. There is so much good work being done for our young people. There are many who will help us protect them.

For us to truly turn the tide on this epidemic, we will also have to rely on our children. We must equip them to make healthy choices, to plan for a bright future and to feel a responsibility to those they care about. We won’t be there for every choice they make, but they need us to lay a foundation they can stand on.