Letter: Trump offers real problem-solving skills

From: Sally Reindl


I found the letter to the editor in the Sept. 24 Republic, “Trump against most of what Christians stand for,” very offensive. It was harsh, judgmental, and more importantly, contained no facts.

Wanting people to follow our laws and come into the country legally does not make Trump hostile. Wanting people to follow the vetting process, as immigrants have done for years, does not make him hateful. He has minorities and legal immigrants working for him and more women executives than males in his organization.

It is not my call to judge another’s faith or biblical knowledge. I do, however, consider character and integrity. I will not vote for the corrupt politician who has lied to us over and over and called millions of Americans a “basket of deplorables.” What could have been her reason for deleting 30,000 requested emails and smashing several of her cellphones? Is this transparency? She did not have the backs of our military in Benghazi and ignored their pleas for help, but she did tell Planned Parenthood, responsible for 330,000 aborted babies each year, that she has their backs.

The letter writer called Trump a womanizer and accused him of sleeping around. That is conjecture. Were not all of us subjected to years of that with Hillary’s husband as president? Would you want your daughter working for Bill (after the Monica Lewinsky episode), should he get back in the White House?

The choice for president this year has been more difficult for many of us. Do I agree with everything Mr. Trump says? Of course not. But he is not a politician, which is why he appeals to so many. As a business leader, he is a problem solver. Given the dire state of our country, inner cities, the $19 trillion debt and a record 94 million Americans not in the labor force, a problem solver is what we need.