Court news – October 16

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Jason P. Cline, Morgantown, $2,445.06; Nicholas H. Durig, Newton Street, $3,659.86; Brent Followell, Lewis Drive, $1,579.64; Melissa Ford, Indianapolis, $5,487.38; Brian A. Green, East 25th Street, $1,273; Shawn D. Henderson, West Becks Grove Road, $1,325.34; Nathan A. Lentz, Phoenix Court, $1,609.20; Jonathon L. Mack, California Street, $1,525.55; Dillon T. Miller, North Mapleton Street, $1,433.63; Kathleen M. Mistretta, Lundy Lane, $1,709.20; and Crystal Moore, Pennsylvania Street, $1,579.93.JC Candlelight Homes and/or Candlelight Homes vs. Josh Munoz and Elaine Cooper, Lamplight Drive, complaint for eviction; Leopoldo Herrera, Rosewood Lane, complaint for eviction; Ryan and Amanda Moore, Scotland Drive, $644, $874 and eviction; Cheyanne Cornett, Hope, $869.13 and $713.60.

Bobby R. Carney Jr., Fishers, vs. Jordy’s, Washington Street, $700 and damages.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Sara Newland, Union Street, complaint for eviction.

Jerry Shatto, Taylorsville, vs. David and Melissa Jessie, Shady Lane, $2,000.

Phil and Evan Buster, State Road 46W, vs. Cheyenne M. Dale, California Street, $1,425 and eviction; and Mary Mullins, Union Street, $1,800 and damages.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie vs. Richard J. and Linda Bostic, 29th Street, $1,176.15; and Raven D. Gill, Colonial Drive, $4,452.64.

C&F Willowood LLC vs. Gerald Tekulve, Cardinal Lane, $3,028.75 and eviction.

Vince James, North Hillside Drive, vs. Niqua Wheeler and Robert Rodriguez, Union Street, $3,025 and eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Tony Shuffitt, Union Street, $1,150 and eviction.

Arbors at Water’s Edge Apartments vs. Mary and Tammy Ashcroft, North County Road 150W, $1,035.20.

Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. vs. Melissa Craig, Hope, $290.17.

Lincoln Village Cooperative vs. Ashlee Benefiel, North Lincoln Village Drive, $454 and eviction.

Gage Dooley, Union Street, vs. Elizabeth and Naomi Harris, Washington Street, $1,070 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Danielle L. Hensley, St. Paul, $2,728.07; Vince R. Thompson, Fourth Street, $1,578.96; and Nathan A. Wilson, McClure Road, $1,218.55.

Cheryl Black, East County Road 950S, vs. J. Mike Smithes, Jonesville, $550 and eviction.

Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall vs. Sandra T. Plasdel, Seymour, $4,585.67.

Thelma Johnson, Forsythia Drive, vs. Danny and Lesa Burton, Central Avenue, $1,399 and eviction.

Duane and Helen Stillabower, 25th Street, vs. Mathew St. Clair, Columbus, $720.

Kathryn Mann, 13th Street, vs. Charles and Sara Leggins, West County Road 300S, $3,725.

Cormorant Corp., doing business as Bloomfield Apartments, vs. Sasha Penrose, Sims Court, $640 and eviction.

Jeffrey and Jessica Wilson, California, vs. Laura and Dustin Sizemore, Edinburgh, $2,730 and eviction.