Letter: Groping women more than an election issue

From: Cheryl Underwood


As to the comment by Jim Bopp, Terre Haute attorney who helped draft this year’s Republican platform, about the Trump video describing and bragging about his aggressive and assaulting behavior of women, Mr. Bopp easily excused the comments. He said, “The election is bigger than that. In the grand scheme of things, this is trivia vs. real life-and-death problems that we face in our foreign policy and the serious challenges that everyday Americans face because of the Obama-Clinton economy.”

An issue that affects half the population is not a trivial issue. Mr. Bopp, if a man did to your wife what Mr Trump said he does, I would like to hear from your wife that it was a “trivial issue.” If true, she should be glad to back you up with a signed written statement submitted to the newspaper.

This is the kind of thinking that has caused Republicans to pass all the laws they have against women. Just as Mr. Bopp is a major proponent of Citizens United, I urge women to become “Women United.”