Around Town – October 20

Orchids to …

• Columbus Free Methodist Church bowling league for an awesome season

• the staff and crew at Frank Anderson Tire for helping a bride out on her wedding day.

• The Republic for a truly great evening at the wonderful Woman of the Year reception, the gifts and the opportunity to thank many people for their support, from Barb Johnson.

• Jeff Maudlin for his accurate, excellent letter.

• Karla at Kroger Click List for doing a good job getting my order straightened out.

• Mike Keogh and members of St. Bartholomew Catholic Church men’s choir for their inspirational hymns during Mass.

• Sarah at Walgreens for going the extra mile to help solve an ongoing issue for me, from Troy Wehner.

• the beautiful young couple who helped and stayed with me Monday night at Rural King, from Janet Wolf.

• Anita Gauck for writing the awesome letter to the editor putting it like it really is.

• Barb, the wonderful lady who helped me by staying with me in the parking lot at Walmart during a heart attack, from Bob Garmon.

• the people at Columbus City Hall that put up with so much harassment and rudeness from a small group of “disgruntles.”

• Anita Gauck for her wonderful, well-written letter to the editor that stated the absolute truth.

• Columbus City Garage workers for trimming the trees on Northeastern Street, from Carol.

Onions to …

• the man who video-recorded my daughter and her friend at a restaurant Oct. 18, making them both very uncomfortable.

• people that feel the need to publicly declare they have nothing to do with hateful Onions about our past administrator when they make their true feelings well known.

• those who blindly and wholeheartedly believe whatever claims are pushed by the mainstream media about one candidate and those who either won’t or can’t accept the true facts and history of the other candidate.

• The Republic for changing “open borders” to the word “immigration” in my Onions submission, thereby changing most of the meaning of the text.

• the local administration that thinks it’s above criticism.

• the current administration for disparaging the past administration when residents have real concerns over the budget.

• delivery drivers who need to start their day earlier or remember that sometimes we have to sit and wait on them to park.

• the party whose method of winning is destroying everyone in its way.

• people who built a brand new beautiful barn then put a semi-truck bed next to it and painted it.

• the city for not having turn arrows on the traffic signal at 10th Street at Whitfield Drive.

Happy Birthday to …

• Maria Fischer, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Alta Morris, from Philip and Carol.

• Joyce Smith, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Alta Morris, from the lunch bunch.

• JoAnna Hooten, from Tim Hooten.

• Dennis Herron, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Luke Robertson

• John Beeker

• Lynne Misner

• Ethan Frazee

• Kinley Hartwell

• Amy Carter

• Madisyn Sims

• Happy Belated Birthday to

• Heather, from your friends at City Hall.

• Becky, from your husband.

• Jane Bush from your favorite accountant, Phil.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Dennis and Tina Bailon, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Cheryl Placek, on No. 26, from Ron and your little friend, Cedric.

• Roger and Connie Clark, from their family.