Letter: Support public servant for state representative

From: Bob Hyatt


Basically, our two-party system provides for different points of view to be discussed, debated and voted on at the polls. This system helps to make sure we get all the issues aired so we elect the best public officials.

To me, this means we want to find alignment between our office-holders and our values. We want to feel that the people we vote for will truly represent us when it comes to running our cities, state and country.

Our current state representative, Milo Smith, has been in office for many years and enjoyed the support of the electorate. Yet at the same time that he is casting votes regarding our taxes, he’s representing individuals and businesses who are trying to get their taxes lower. In other words, his personal financial gain is aligned with and compensated by those who want to reduce revenues to the state by reducing their taxes. Apparently, this is all legal, but it means there is less money for our schools, police, sheriffs, judges, etc. Does this make sense to you?

Bob Pitman is running to replace Milo Smith in our state Legislature. His background for many years has been as a public servant, particularly in senior matters and the Mill Race Center. Bob works in a calm and servant manner, bringing people together, targeting the common good. His values seem to match up well with what I think is best for our community and state.

I’ll be voting for Bob Pitman for state representative.